my husband

so I just finished Disc 1 of FF7…

Holy fucking shit.
I kid you not, those were the exact thoughts that went through my head at the end of the disc. I knew Aeris was going to die even before I played the game, but damn…I sat there, quite literally with my jaw open, all throughout her death scene, and at the beginning of the JENOVA:LIFE battle I didn’t do anything for at least a minute because I was too busy listening to her theme song and letting it sink in that she was actually dead…and I sat there at the ‘disc change’ prompt doing nothing too. Imo, in no way is the death scene overrated. I would’ve cried if I wasn’t that stunned. For a game that’s 17 years old and a death that’s pretty much common knowledge to have that much of an impact on me….I applaud you, Squaresoft. That was a fucking fantastic ending and I’m only 1/3 through the game.

i’m so fucking sad I’m in the Forgotten Capital and I can tell that this is near the end of disc 1 which means that she’s going to FUCKING DIE ;~;
you know who I mean
after all that time I spent getting her limit breaks and going on the gold saucer date with her AND I JUST REALLY LIKE HER CHARACTER

For everyone who doesn’t think kirby is hardcore, have a gif of him lighting himself on fire