I love the girls of FF7 man
I like how Tifa, the ‘stereotypical’ bruiser girl is actually somewhat of a tsundere, and how Aerith is really quite flirtatious under her ‘church girl’ appearance


☆ ㍉

one of my friend’s friends has a deviantart page dedicated to shipping Ben (from the Zelda creepypastas) and Jeff the Killer


Grisaia no Meikyuu’s translation needs to hurry up and come out bc MICHIRUUUUUU~

FUCK skarmory’s encounter and catch rate, seriously. Spent 30 minutes looking for one, chucked 15 balls at it without catching it. I’m just gonna get a fucking Tropius

the opening cutscene of FF8 is actually probably my favourite of all the FF series…

Takechi is the ultimate sadist wow